A lots of you always worry endlessly why you don’t  have friends or why you do not seem to be liked by others.Most times we go out or to party seeking to cultivate and make enduring friendship, but often times, we come back  dismay and disappointed, and retreat into ourselves as we ask why?

Here are some things you need to always do to that will attract people to yourself:

  • Smile: the simple way to get people to like you is a genuine and unrestrained smile.people like to  be around the person that smiles always and not the one with a grumpy face
  • Positiveness And happiness:  positive attitude always causes a chain reaction of thoughts, events and outcome and there is a tendency in people to always flock around a positive and a happy person.
  • Concentration and listening: listen without interruption or disagreement. Always acknowledge who is speaking with a,” yes and hu-huh” and ask questions that show you have been listening.


  • Give your time: always be prepared to help others unconditionally in every circumstance in order to win friends.
  • Admit your weakness: some  of us erroneously  believe that it is cowardice to admit weakness, so  when they are wrong they are afraid to admit it for fear of being label a weakly.
  • Suspend your ego: put aside your needs, wants and opinion in most situation to gain people.And always refuse that desire to be correct and to correct others, so as to build an a solid and enduring friendship
  • Be funny but don’t act like an idiot.Being genuinely funny is hard to do but it’s  essential to getting people to like you. Don’t over do it or the other person might get annoyed
  • Always remember names of people: using and remembering names in conversation always gets people to be more focus and attentive,  and besides, it also suggest a bit of intimacy. Try to say the name over and over in your head the moment you are told, so as to always remember it.
  • Be quick to apologize:sometimes in our zeal to impress people and project a good image of ourselves, we put the wrong foot forward and offend others.When this happen we should be quick to set aside our pride and tender an apology.
  • Don’t be judgemental: forming judgement  and conclusion on people without the opportunity of  a complete and unbiased  version of the story concerning the person is one sure to push people away from you’
  • Think before you speak: saying the wrong thing on our first few moments of  conversation with people gives them an incorrect notion about us.They might see us as uncoordinated and  disjointed.
  • Don’t be pushy:learn to always go along with the crowd without pushing your preference and that helps you to adjust to any given situation.
  • Be clear and concise: communicate and put your idea across in an implicit and simple term. The best way to do this is to have a good knowledge of whatever you want to talk about before you speak, so you can create an indelible and a great impression of yourself.