Relationship break up is not strange to many of us. sometime when it happens, we feel so much anger, hatred and revenge towards the other party, and we think and act like we have come to a cross road in our lives, but like a phase, it soon passes  away and we forget it ever happens.

Here are some of the things we need to do to get over it:

Let go of the attachment: give up whatever connection that you may still have to the relationship.Anything that makes you always want to dwell on forgone relationship, cast  it fast and out of your mind.

Release the feeling of anger, hatred: try to set free that pent-up anger and hatred in you because the more you  habor  ill feelings  the more they are going to drag you backward from moving ahead.

Get support: talk to people that will understand your situation it can  be family members or friends and try getting help from either the  therapist or any support group.

Know that it shall pass: always know that it does not matter  the degree of your heart break, it shall be over again soon because whatever has a beginning also has an end. And use the opportunity of the break-up in other sphere of your life judiciously

Stay in the present: don’ t waste your precius time ruminating over the past. The past has gone, so invest your time and energy on the prefect as you work out ways of moving ahead.

Forgive: find it in your heart to forgive. when relationship breaks up there is always the tendency to cast and apportion blame. we blame the other for what did happen and what could not have happened , in all this, forgive and unburden yourself, so you can forge ahead

Don’t bad mouth your ex: relationship break-up often times triggers a desire to cast aspersion on our ex.we begin to ask why  we had  a relationship with that” Idiot.” And a sense of relief sweeps over us when there is willing ears to upload our concerns on as we  castigate our ex. But our happiness must not be hinge or contingent on others pains and suffering to get through the break-up.

Stop blaming yourself: don’t blame yourself  for the break-up, maybe it was not a good fit.Sometimes in life certain things must  give away for others  to be.

Cry when you need to: bottling up emotions always does more harm than good. So,cry when you need to, it will help you overcome the feeling of pain, rejection, revenge and hatred quicker and better.

Take new relationship slowly: after a break up, don’t rush into a new relationship. Take all the time and properly evaluate the situation before  plunging into a new relationship.

Don’t hide your pain in bottles: taking to drinking for solace and consolation in times of relationship break-up, most often,creates more problems than  solutions. Get a grip on yourself but not from drinking, so you can reason rationally and soberly