Image result for images of trump and kim jong unPresident Donald Trump Thursday offered “protections” to Kim Jong Un when the North Korean dictator agrees to strike a bargain with  the U.S. whereby Kimwould give up his nuclear weapons but warned about potentially severe impacts if such a deal cannot be achieved.He will get protections that are extremely strong,” President Trump said in the Oval Office in an apparent effort to lure the North Korean chief to the negotiating table after reports that Pyongyang is threatening to take away from a planned summit in June.

The president provided direct assurances the U.S. wouldn’t seek to overthrow Kim when a deal is hatched and further assured that a potential deal would consist of major financial sweeteners for Kim and his nation.

“This would be with Kim Jong Un some thing where he’d be there. He’d be in his country. He would be running his country,” Trump said. “His nation would be very rich. His folks are tremendously industrious.”

Addressing the so-called Libya model, Trump contradicted his National Security Adviser, John Bolton, who invoked it on the weekend and has been cited by North Korea as a reason why it might withdraw from the planned Trump-Kim summit scheduled for June 12, ” Trump said it “is not a model that we have in any way.”

“The Libyan model was a considerably different model,” Trump said. “We decimated that country. We never said to Gadhafi: ‘Oh, we are likely to provide you with protection, we’re likely to give you military power, we are likely to offer you all of these things; we travelled in and decimated him.”

But the president followed by cautioning that the Libya model may come into play if no deal can be reached.

“Now that version would take place when we don’t make a deal, probably,” he said, again speaking to the Libya model. “However, should we make a deal, I think Kim Jong Un will be very, very pleased. I really believe he is going to really happy.”

Taking a nonchalant tone to if his planned summit with Kim actually occurs, the president stated the U.S. is presently moving ahead as though the meeting is happening but stated his mindset is “whatever happens, happens. In any event, we’ll be in good form.”

While the president stated that he wishes to make a bargain, also considers Kim Jong Un does too, he proposed that China might be playing a role in North Korea showing signs of becoming cold feet before the summit.

“With prices, that’s exactly what I do, is deals,” the president stated, “and with deals, you need to have two parties looking to take action. He totally wanted to perform it. Perhaps he doesn’t want to do it. Perhaps he spoke with China. That could be right.”

“The best thing he could ever do is to make a deal,” Trump continued. “I have a feeling, however, that for a variety of reasons, maybe involving commerce, because they have never had this issue before — China has never had this problem with us it could very well be that he is influencing Kim Jong Un,” referring to China’s President Xi.