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DeeAnn Fitzpatrick, a fisheries officer, said the incident happened amid decades of bullying at Marine Scotland, the watchdog for the country’s fisheries industry.

The photo, supposedly shot by one of those two men accused of being responsible, was acquired by the BBC.

Ms Fitzpatrick, 49, said that she was restrained by male colleagues in 2010 after raising concerns regarding a threatening and misogynistic culture at the watchdog’s office in Scrabster, Caithness.

The Canadian national told the tribunal one of the men stated:”That is exactly what you get when you speak out against the boys.”

When Ms Fitzpatrick tried to report it, she had been told by her supervisor both guys”meant no harm” and it was”boys just being boys”, based on emails seen by the corporation.

Rhoda Grant, a Labour MSP for the Highlands, said the episode was”dreadful” and viewing the photograph made it seem 10 times worse”.

“She’s been subject to some very long period of harassment, horrendous behaviour towards her,” Ms Grant said.

“In a few of my deals with DeeAnn it’s very clear that there is a civilization in that office people are able to eliminate everything they say and what they do. It seems to me that it is out of control”

Ms Fitzpatrick maintained over a span of almost a decade she had been mocked for having a miscarriage, told a employees didn’t want a”foreign woman” working together, subjected to racism, also witnessed threatening behavior towards female staff, who were sometimes called prostitutes.

One of those guys who supposedly taped Ms Fitzpatrick to the seat, that has since left the bureau, told the BBC:”These are false allegations. I can not recall the occasion you say, but if it did happen, it would happen to be office banter. Only a craic. Surely nothing to do with abuse.”

The tribunal is not able to think about the incident as it happened over three years prior to the case was brought.

Ms Fitzpatrick was signed off work because 2016 after the unexpected departure of her father.

It’s uncertain if her alleged abusers ever faced disciplinary action, but Ms Fitzpatrick herself is facing a hearing from her employers in the end of May, over accusations she was rude to clients and”overzealous” in her occupation.

A Scottish government spokesperson said:”The Scottish government has clear standards of behavior which apply to all staff. Any problems raised by employees are taken seriously and investigated fully.”