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President Donald Trump’s Twitter match might not be as ferocious as he likes to believe.

On Tuesday, the social networking platform shown the planet’s 10 most photographed and three most “enjoyed” articles of 2017. Trump, who frequently shows off facing the 44.1 million followers launch unprovoked attacks on his enemies, failed to attribute on each list.

Three of Obama’s tweets created the “most retweeted” record and two appeared at the “most enjoyed” category.

Obama’s request racial equality after white nationalist violence at Charlottesville, Virginia, in August was equally the “most enjoyed” tweet of this calendar year, and the 2nd most retweeted.

A few small consolation for Trump could be that he had been crowned the contested about chosen world leader this season. However, as many stories have noticed, he is often said in a negative light.

Additional tweets to stand up tens of thousands of “enjoys” this season comprised Ariana Grande’s answer into the terror attack at her May concert at Manchester, England, along with NBA star LeBron James’ zinger in Trump within the president’s rescinding — through Twitter — the White House invitation into the league champion Golden State Warriors following a number of their group’s players, such as celebrity Stephen Curry, stated they would not be attending.