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We all make plans, have dreams, and establish goals. Can our strategies materialize or end in complete failure? The only thing certain about life is doubt. So, our delicate efforts may end in glorious success or annoying defeat. This is the essence of life. We’re destined to engage in a series of celebrations interspersed with a series of disappointments. Because of this, it’s very important to understand how to deal with disappointment. Martin Luther King, Jr. suggests one way of coping mainly, by accepting it. In the end, disappointment occurs in only 1 time period.

The word disappointment consists of DIS and APPOINTMENT. DIS means different, apart, or asunder. So, disappointment explains a sense of dissatisfaction or anguish, which can be experienced when we are ripped apart from our anticipated appointment with fate. Yet, we do not have to undergo pain when things don’t go our way. The negativity surrounding disappointment isn’t in the actual world, but just within our thoughts. It is not the occasion, but our interpretation of this that triggers pain.

.Yet, Can disappointment be good for you? You bet it can! We can lessen the negative ramifications of disappointment, or eliminate it entirely, with the ideal attitude. Here are some measures we can take to develop this attitude or lighten our burden.

1. However careful or favorable we are, we are bound to encounter grief, suffering, pain, anxiety, and stress, for they are a part of life, the price we pay for the privilege of sharing in the joys of life. Since you may depend on suffering, make sure you can count on joy. Do this by organizing family outings, get-togethers with friends, and also time to enjoy your hobbies, nature, and the arts. By always planning for fun, you guarantee that any grief you encounter will be interspersed with happiness.

2. Don’t be guilty of reverse eyesight. That is, don’t look inward when you should be looking outward, and do not look outward when you ought to be looking inward. Are you disappointed in friends that don’t live up to your expectations? If you’re, you’re guilty of inverse eyesight. You’re looking external (at your friends’ conduct) when you need to be looking inward (in your own behavior ). How can you be disappointed by the failure of your friends or relatives to live up to your expectations when you yourself fail to fulfill your own expectations? When you see that your weaknesses, you’ll have the ability to accept the weaknesses of others. Are you sometimes devastated by misfortune and wonder how life can be so unkind? If so, you are guilty of reverse vision. You’re looking inward when you ought to be looking outward. When you begin to shout out, “”Woe are these,” you will start to be grateful for your blessings.

3. When you learn to welcome challenges and love problem solving, disappointments will disappear. Love the thrill of being a true winner by relishing battles, if you win or lose them. Whenever things go wrong, analyze the situation and determine what you could learn and then move on. If you’re constantly running into hurdles when pursuing a long-term goal, just remember there is no failure till you give up, so don’t! Do not you love puzzles? Enjoy it! When you encounter a dead end, just turn around and try again! Make an explorer, an adventurer. Take risks. To do so is to experience a exhilaration that far exceeds the ability of any disappointment that could come your way.

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4. You will not enjoy or win at cards if everything you do is complain about the hand you are dealt. Expect nothing more from life than that which it provides and you won’t ever be disappointed. Welcome the opportunities it provides by making the most of the cards you are dealt. Also, don’t forget to feed your mind with positive ideas by reading great books. Then make those ideas your own by reflecting on them. When you know them, you will fill your mind with light.

5. If you experience a disappointment which you find difficult to overcome without help, talk to friends. That can help you find that you’re not alone and that others have overcome similar problems. And speaking of friends, do not disappoint them and chances are they’ll never disappoint you, but if they do, forgive themfor how can someone hurt you if you forgive them? If you appeal to the ideal facet of your friends, the chances are you won’t be let down.

6. Abandon childish demands and absurd expectations. Are you interested in finding the perfect mate? If you are, you are sure to be disappointed. For only God is perfect. We mortals are all imperfect. If you can accept that, you can eliminate much unnecessary misery from your life. The exact same is true for your perfect job, perfect kid, or perfect life. It doesn’t exist (unless we are among a handful of remarkable people who have sufficient clarity of mind, purity of soul, and comprehension of life to see only goodness).

7. In the end, cultivate patience, for as Joseph Addison (1672 ~ 1719) wrote,”Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures.” Many times in my life I have found a lot of blessings in the guise or cover of disappointment, but what about you, have you ever?