Speaking at a press conference in Berlin, Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that Europe can no longer rely about the United States to enforce order globally, which European countries will need to be prepared to take things into their own hands.

Angela Merkel didn’t elaborate on what this”arrangement” intended, but it comes from the context of recent polls showing German voters invulnerable to her urge to improve military spending. This implies Merkel is attempting to market greater armament for a means to intervene regionally.

Merkel also said she plans to continue to operate on improving Germany’s relationship with the United States. This seems to be an uphill struggle, together with the two countries at odds over numerous problems, however, she insisted ties are”crucial.”

Only last week, President Trump said he’s”a significant issue” with Germany, and the US was threatening to sanction German firms for investing at a Russian energy pipeline. Trump expressed special anger in the pipeline, stating that it means Germany is successful”captive to Russia

In training, the pipeline issue is much more about the US attempting to improve LNG exports into Europe than being concerned about Russia rising trade ties . Where US and European interests do not align, but it appears to gas pressures, which is accountable to imply Angela Merkel faces an ongoing struggle in improving connections.