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What is the definition of obligation. It’s a kind of trustworthiness, you’re answerable to others for your own actions and behaviour. Moreover, we’ve got responsibilities and obligations that are our duty. We, not someone else, must do them. We have moral and social responsibilities.

One example is the actions we either do or don’t do towards each other in a society. As we all now, it changes depending on tradition and culture. But generally, humanity have a great deal of moral, human and social responsibility in common.

However, the inquiry – what’s obligation – such as so many people conclude that taking responsibility is something that you do in your life since you decide to.

We all make choices all of the time, and also a responsible person doesn’t need to ask”What is responsibility?” In each situation.

Personal responsibility  therefore means that you make your decision based on your true values.

We often say one thing and act otherwise. That is the reason why I wrote”talking obligation or taking responsibility” in the headline. It’s not difficult to talk about morality and ethics. As soon as we do the talk, we understand exactly what’s the right or wrong thing to do. Especially when it comes to putting our noses into other people┬┤s businesses.

When it comes to actually taking personal responsibility, it is not too black or white anymore. Let me give you an example of the intricacy of this”what is obligation question”.

In a recent TV documentary, I saw a young pregnant girl who had been a chain smoker. She told the journalist that her mother was a smoker, so was her boyfriend, friends, cousins, uncles, aunts and everybody else she knew. She was smoking despite being pregnant.

The app was about changing habits and indirectly raised the question for what obligation is. This young girl went into a midwife, a professional in stopping smoking. Her job was to provide the facts so that her clients could make informed choices about their smoking.

You will find more than 4ooo distinct toxins from cigarettes. The screen blinked at a warning red, the degree of carbon dioxide was several times higher than what is considered safe for a infant.

The young girl then said she had been fearful and said she realized that what she had been doing to her baby was incorrect. Responsibly she said that her baby had no option, but she’d. She wanted to quit smoking. So after the”talking obligation”, she had to move to”taking responsibility” which demonstrated a lot tougher.


First of all she put a date for quitting smoking one week later. Postponing this life deciding moment another week.

Then she did not return the calls in the midwife anymore and eventually she dropped out of the app. Acting on her decision and accepting responsibility was too tough.

In conclusion, there’s a big difference between word and action. So when you ask yourself what responsibility means to you personally, you be as fair as you can. You are 100% responsible for everything on your life. You choose. You decide. And if you carry a baby, it is your responsibility to decide wisely for your kid too.

Irresponsible people blame circumstances, other people or the conviction that they cannot change a bad habit. Bad habits too have been picked by ourselves at a certain point. Who is going to make a new option, you or somebody else? Irresponsible behaviour means letting other people decide for you.

Are you fighting with a circumstance where you need to take responsibility?