Bright red fireworks light up the dark night sky over water.

Sydney Harbour lit up using 8.5 tonnes of fireworks as the clock ticked over to midnight on New Year’s Eve, with thousands sticking out an evening downpour to secure prime vantage points for its spectacle

The children’s 9:00pm fireworks event went off without a hitch at town, untouched by the unfavourable weather.

Parts of Sydney were struck by severe thunderstorms, with heavy rainfall over the volcano.

There were not any flaws to the fireworks, but there were reports of trains heading into the town being delayed by up to an hour.

Thousands of people lined the banks of the Brisbane River since the fireworks lit up Queensland’s capital at 8.30pm (local time).

The screen was the result of four months of preparation, together with 18 pyrotechnic computer controllers coordinating the series.

In Canberra, revellers were in awe of their ancient fireworks display.

Around 12,000 individual pyrotechnics were fired across the nation’s capital, together with the light show proving to be worth the wait.

Some people turned out over five hours to secure a view

Around 100 people sit on picnic blankets looking out over Torrens Lake on a sunny New Year's Eve.

It began to rain just before the fireworks started but that did not dampen the mood, and also the rain dissipated shortly afterwards.

The crowd thinned out shortly afterwards, with many families preferring to go home while the older crowd stayed for the midnight screen.

Thousands of people laid their rugs in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden hours ahead of the New Year’s Eve celebrations, with some even camping overnight to nab the best places.

As much as 1.5 million people were expected to crowd the harbour foreshore to see the town’s world-renowned pyrotechnic display.

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Following the gates opened at around 10:00am, a lot individuals bolted the one kilometre in the New South Wales Art Gallery to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in order to secure their favoured spot.

There were 18 launching computers linked by 60 kilometres of wire and cables, which allowed the show to be synchronised to music.

At the Royal Botanic Garden, the oldest resident of the pop-up community that there was Shih-Yinu Chen, who lined up for a staggering 50 hours.

She’s from Taiwan and on a working holiday in Australia with her buddies.

“I want to find a much better view for fireworks, since the Sydney fireworks is quite famous,” she told the ABC.

Peter is a Taiwanese student residing in Australia and lined up for at least 24 hours.

“It’s just like camping, meet new guys, new buddies.”

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Aretha Franklin — who expired in August — was also honoured in the event, with actors singing her song (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.

Paramedics urged revellers throughout the country to drink responsibly, avoid drugs and”care for mates”.

Queensland senior advanced care paramedic Stephen Turner said emergency workers had prepared for a night, with an additional 65 staff members rostered to work in Brisbane and more than 100 throughout the nation.

“We’d like everyone to drink responsibly… beverage to your own limits,” he said.

“we would like to see everybody get home safe… please set a designated driver, catch a taxi, public transport.”

“We really do not understand what’s in them, and time and again we have seen the passing of young individuals as a consequence of some of those materials,” he explained.

Three young women sitting on a picnic rug on grass in front of a large, multi-coloured sign that spells out "Brisbane"

Authorities in most significant city centres were out in full force, with uniformed and plain clothes officers carrying out extra patrols throughout the night to target anti-social behaviour, violence and drink and drug driving.

Road closures, barriers, bag checks and CCTV cameras were among the safety measures set up across the country’s capital cities.

In Adelaide, police reminded revellers that in the CBD and in beachside Glenelg, officers possess the capacity to use metal detectors to search individuals and direct folks to leave and stay out of particular locations.

“Last year, we had a total of 44 evictions from declared public precincts,” Assistant Commissioner Scott Duval explained.

“Ten people were barred from those regions and six individuals were searched using the metal-detection wands.”

The national terror threat level was recorded as”likely”, which meant that intelligence agencies thought groups or individuals”have the intent and capability to run a terrorist attack”.

Revellers were advised to exercise caution and report any suspicious incidents to the National Security Hotline by calling 1800 123 400.

Meanwhile, the authorities emphasised that life threatening situations should be reported to the police by calling triple zero.