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R.Kelly Threatens Victim

The latest twist in the sordid life of shamed singer R Kelly has seen another woman accuse him of sexual abuse and then go on to say that he ‘threatened her’ to make her drop a lawsuit against him.

Faith Rodgers, alongside her attorney Gloria Allred, has made a number of allegations against the under-fire singer, including claims that she was ‘abused by Kelly’ and that he ‘had given her a sexually transmitted disease’.

Faith has alleged that during her year-long relationship with Kelly, while she was 19, he used to ‘lock her up for hours’ and insist that she called him “daddy”.

Now two years later, she has come forward as the furore around R Kelly heightens and during a news conference on Monday, she alleged that the beleaguered singer had threatened to ‘expose her sexual past’, unless she dropped the lawsuit.

Attorney Allred also claimed that Kelly had posted private pictures of Faith and said that they were letting him know, “in no uncertain terms that he cannot and will not intimidate his alleged victims into keeping silent.”

Faith, now 21, has issued a lawsuit for “sexual battery, “willfully, deliberately and maliciously” infecting her with herpes and that she was “mentally, sexually and verbally” by him.

R Kelly’s alleged past was detailed in a documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly” that aired recently in the United States.

Since then, more women have come forward accusing of improper behaviour by Kelly.

Faith said that, “No one should be victim-shamed, harassed, or retaliated against because she asserted her rights and spoke her truth,” and that she was, “vulnerable and impressionable,” when she first met R Kelly at an after show party in San Antonio.

R Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg has hit back and called the allegations “another round of stories” being used to “fill reality TV time.”

In an interview on Friday, Greenberg dismissed the accusations in the documentary as, “for-profit hit piece full of falsities, full of mistakes.”


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