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Taylor Swift And Ariana Grande May Not Attend 2019 Grammy

Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift
Sorry, Swifties and Arianators! It looks like your faves, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, won’t be attending the 2019 Grammys.There’s no bad blood between the 29-year-old singer and The Recording Academy. In fact, she’s nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album for Reputation.E! News has learned that Taylor won’t be attending the Grammy Awards due to filming in London.As for the “7 Rings” singer? It seems she’s saying “thank u, next” to this year’s Grammys. There’s allegedly a bit of drama between Grande and The Recording Academy.Earlier this week, Variety reported the 25-year-old pop star wasn’t attending or performing at Sunday night’s awards show “due to a disagreement with Grammy producers over which songs she would perform.”According to the publication’s source, the “Thank U, Next” singer “felt insulted after producers initially refused to allow her to perform “7 Rings,” which is her latest chart-topping single.Traditionally, artists are allowed to perform the songs they are nominated for, and Grande isn’t nominated for “7 Rings,” considering it recently came out. She’s nominated for her Sweeteneralbum and “God Is a Woman” song.Ken Ehrlich, The Recording Academy Executive Producer, tells E! News, “I don’t think [Ariana will perform], there’s not enough time to make it work.

Ariana Grande

However, the “Thank U, Next” singer released a statement on Twitter about the Grammys, writing, “I’ve kept my mouth shut but now you’re lying about me. i can pull together a performance over night and you know that, Ken.”Continuing her post, “It was when my creativity & self expression was stifled by you, that i decided not to attend. i hope the show is exactly what you want it to be and more.””i offered 3 different songs. it’s about collaboration. it’s about feeling supported. it’s about art and honesty. not politics. not doing favors or playing games. it’s just a game y’all.. and i’m sorry but that’s not what music is to me,” she wrote.Closing her statement with, “Hope that helps everyone understands my decision i am still grateful for the acknowledgement this year.”It looks like Ariana isn’t going to the awards show after all.

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