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When we react overwhelmingly to a predicament or unfavourable situations by becoming distraught, we get stressed out. It causes both mental and physical damaging injury to the brain and the rest of the body. If  we are stressed, our immunity to diseases and sicknesses is destroyed, rendering us vulnerable to infections. Stress mostly occurs when there is uncertainty at our work place as companies lay off people or a debt burden hanging over heads and so many others unpleasant situations.Then, we start to manifest warning signals like dizziness, hurting head, back pain, sleeplessness, etc,.

Below are some things we must do to reduce stress and manage it effectively.

Rest awhile. If we can cultivate the habit of taking a rest for some minutes at our works or when whatever we are engaged in becomes unbearably strenuous because stress is not so much due to the workload as much as to the fact that you are not resting enough .I know some of us consider resting as a wasted time but they ignore the obvious that your quality of work always improve significantly once your are well rested.

Time management. With proper and efficient time management strategies we can get so much accomplished successfully within a short time frame.Instead we become sloppy and slovenly in  our duty  because of lack of organisation and management of our day. So,  when our workload is increased, we become overwhelmed and unnecessarily irritated and agitated

Get enough sleep. Having enough sleep is very imperative if we are  to protect our performance, productivity and proficiency from sliding.How  much sleep we need everyday depends on our age and the individual.But we most make effort to always have a minimum of 6-7 hours sleep every night because with enough sleep, our rejuvenation and alertness is  restored and increased

Exercises. Nothing reduces stress and promotes good health as much as exercises.create time for exercises in your house. It does’t have to be rigorous but a light one on a regular base

Take care of the debt. Debts of whatever nature are always huge sources of stress. When you are in a financial debt, get the service of a financial adviser for advise and  to work out method of repayment for you

Smile and laugh. When we are stressed, it often manifest in our faces.So if we laugh. we get released from the hold of stress

Meditate. Meditation helps the body and mind to relax and helps also to develop new perspectives, self- consciousness and forgiveness.Therefore, we are able to release bottled up emotions and tension that may cause physical and mental stress when we practice a regular acts of meditation.

Accept things we cannot control just they way they are.We can do so much to manage and eventually beat stress by setting demarcation between those things and situations that can be changed and the ones that must be endued.Most  times we enervate alots of energy and precious time trying to fix situation that cannot be changed,and in the end, we get stressed out.