Nine dead after two attacks on Hanau shisha bars in Germany

A gunman opened fire on two shisha bars in Hanau, German, killing at least nine people and injuring several others, police have revealed.


The attack took place on Wednesday night, February 19. The first target was the Midnight shisha bar in the city centre of Hanau. Witnesses reported hearing about a dozen gunshots, and at least three people were killed.


The suspect then reportedly fled in a dark car to the Kesselstadt neighbourhood and opened fire at the Arena Bar & Cafe, where at least five people were killed.

In both places targeted on Wednesday night, the clientele were reported to have been predominantly Kurdish.

Nine dead after two attacks on Hanau shisha bars in Germany

The shootings sparked a seven-hour manhunt, while officers searched for what they thought could have been more than one attacker.

Authorities believe the suspect, a 43-year-old man, returned home after the rampage and shot himself. He was found dead in his apartment early Thursday morning along with the body of his 72-year-old mother. Both had died from gunshot wounds, according to the region’s interior minister, Peter Beuth.
The total number of people killed — including the suspect — is 11, with another person seriously injured, added Beuth.


Federal prosecutors are treating the attack as terrorism, with officials saying there is evidence the gunman was a far-right extremist.

The Bild tabloid reports that the suspect was a German citizen with a firearms licence, and that ammunition and gun magazines were found in his car. According to Bild, he expressed far-right views in a letter of confession and a video but this has not been confirmed officially.

Nine dead after two attacks on Hanau shisha bars in Germany

Hanau Mayor Claus Kaminsky told Bild it had been a “terrible night”, adding: “You could not imagine a worse night. It will of course keep us busy for a long, long time and remain a sad memory. I’m deeply moved.”


This attack comes four days after another shooting in Berlin, near a Turkish comedy show at the Tempodrom concert venue, which killed one person.