We previously ran down a list of signs that your guy is getting ready to pop the question. It might be obvious when your man is head over heels for you. But when you’ve just started dating, it can be harder to tell if a guy is really into you or not. Luckily, there are many subtle body language cues that reveal he’s just not that into you, if you know what to look for. The more of these you notice, the sooner you should back away and find someone who truly values you. Here are 11 body language signs he’s just not that into you.

1. He seems distracted

Is he looking at you? If not, what is he looking at? Perhaps he’s watching other people, particularly other women? Or is he constantly looking at his watch, or his cellphone, or that weird pattern on the wall, or anything BUT you? There’s your sign, because if he were interested, he would be trying to connect with you on any and every level.

2. He looks at you, blankly

Conversely, if he’s looking at you but showing no emotions (or negative ones like yawning or frowning) then that’s a good sign that this is a bad match. It’s not enough for him to look at you, he has to actually see you. If he’s staring at the molecules between you and him instead, he’s not engaged at all.

3. His smile is fake

His smile is fake | Life360 Tips

You’ll know this when you see this. Even the wait staff at the restaurant you’re on a date at will have more genuine smiles than Mr. Fake. The great thing is, women are very good at spotting fake smiles, because the only thing worse than a guy not smiling is him fake smiling, since that means he has an ulterior motive.

4. His body language is “closed”

You’ve probably heard the term “manspreading” for guys who open their legs in public and take up a whole park bench or bus seat. It’s annoying in a stranger. But if you’re looking to connect with a man, if he has “open” body language, it means he’s literally inviting you in. Signs of “closed” body language are crossed arms, hunching over, not making eye contact, or leaning away from you.

5. He keeps touching his nose

5. He keeps touching his nose | 11 Body Language Signs He’s Just Not That Into You | Life360 Tips

This is a major sign: if he’s doing this along with any of the other behaviors, that he’s less than interested in you. Because constantly touching one’s nose is a subtle signal that he’s anxious or irritated. It’s a subconscious tell that can also be used to detect lies and deception. The only reason he should touch his nose is for an itch. Otherwise, he’s giving away his true feelings in a very telltale action.

6. He doesn’t touch you (or want to be touched)

This will become evident really quickly if he doesn’t hold hands or touch your shoulder. And forget about cute behavior like playful pokes or tousling your hair. If you try to initiate touching and he draws back, that’s a huge red flag. You should not be treated like you have terminal cooties. If he doesn’t want to touch you, or be touched, find someone who will.

7. He doesn’t make small talk

He doesn't make small talk | Life360 Tips

Guys who are really into you will do anything and everything to stay engaged with you. If that means small talk, then he’ll do it just to stay in your presence. If that means calling and texting frequently, he wants contact even if you’re not near each other. But if he doesn’t keep you on his mind, or him on yours, he’s just not interested.