Have  you ever been bullied, humiliated, harassed, or treated with contempt? have  you ever been called names? When you get to a new school, job or neighbourhood, were you ever the subject of racial slurs, and other jokes on the account of your religion,belief, appearance? Bulling is when a single person or group of people persistently use words to hurt you. It could take the form of verbal, physical, social of cyber bulling.If you spoke up after being taunted, did they try to blame you, the victim, by saying,“What’s the matter? Don’t you have a sense of humor? Don’t be so sensitive, we were just kidding!

Some effects of bulling:Having thoughts of hurting yourself You begin to feel unsafe or afraid, having low esteem and low self worth Trouble sleeping

How to eliminate or reduce the effects of bullying:

Place yourself in control by asking them to repeat what said. Asking question reverses the situation by placing you in charge Because they  didn’t expect the question, it  forces them to reconsider the vicious remark that they have made. Embarrassed or befuddled, they will usually respond with weaker version of the original remark. So, with a single question, you have lowered the level of intimidation.

Then, say something nice like, “i can believe you would say such a thing. It is beneath you. Guess you’re having a bad day. Got home go now. See you later.” All bullies aredeeply troubled. They wish someone would understand them. Your remarks suggestthat you may not only understand, but also sympathise with them. If you repeat similarcomments whenever you meet, you may change them into decent people.

Turn insults into compliments. if the bully says, “My, you’re terribly ugly,” you could say, “What a nice thing to say! I didn’t think younoticed. Bye, bye.” When you refuse to be hurt by the comments of bullies, you makethem become failures at their own game. That may make them uncomfortable enoughto stop taunting you.

Redirect the insults back to the source. For instance you could say, “I’m so happy you’re trying to be self-confident! Keep repeating what you said. If you say it often enough, you may come to believe it. That will make you feel better. Next time you see me, you can practice some more.”