Plan Playtime

playtime is always a good idea for your pet. It increases mental and physical stimulation, promotes exercise and furthers the bond between you and your pet. Make it a daily fixture so you both have something to look forward to.


Not all pets get along with other pets, of course, but it’s worth trying to give your pet some time to socialize with something other than people. Dog parks, planned outing and playdates will provide structure and socialization.

If you have a cat, adding another cat to the household can give him someone to play with and keep him from getting lonely when you’re out of the house.

2. Socialize | 10 Ways To Make Your Pet Happier | Life360 Tips

Hit The Road

Wouldn’t you get cranky if you never went on a vacation? For those with dogs, taking your pet on the road is nice because it offers them new stimuli. So,  bring your pets with you every once and a while – just never leave him alone in the car, even with the windows open, to avoid the risk of overheating.

Switch Out Toys

Yes, most pets develop a special admiration of a particular toy, but it’s important to keep a few in rotation because newness is good for most pets. We’re not advocating spending all of your earnings on fancy dog or cat toys. Just keep a usual roster and switch them out here and there.

4. Switch Out Toys | 10 Ways To Make Your Pet Happier | Life360 Tips

Go On More Walks

If you own a dog you should probably be walking it more than you are now. Even if you have a dog that’s lazy, it will get a lot of mental calm from more exercise. Just another thing man and animals have in common.

Get Strict

It seems counterintuitive, but many pets crave strictness and order. By training your pet more and more, you instill a sense of trust in its owner and a sense of mental order within the animal.

6. Get Strict | 10 Ways To Make Your Pet Happier | Life360 Tips