Queensland authorities have issued a “test and isolate” direction for anyone who has been in Victoria since December 21.

Key points:

  • A “test and isolate” recommendation has been issued by Queensland Health
  • Anyone who has travelled from Victoria since December 21 should be tested
  • Current border restrictions remain unchanged but travel to NSW and Victoria should be “reconsidered”

It follows an announcement from Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young, warning of one close contact of a Victorian case in the Mackay region, and one casual contact on the Gold Coast.

“And I anticipate more to come,” she said.

Dr Young said while Queensland Health was not declaring any hotspots in Victoria yet, she was concerned the situation would escalate.

“Victoria’s own assessment of the situation is that the risk of spread is right across the state, not just in Melbourne, which is why they have imposed restrictions across their entire state,” she said.

And while the border restrictions remain unchanged, Dr Young also advised Queenslanders currently visiting New South Wales and Victoria to consider returning home.

“And if you’re already in Victoria or New South Wales, consider coming home.

“If you do decide to go, you need to be aware of the potential consequences, such as border changes and not making it home to Queensland before hotel quarantine is imposed.”

The earliest Queensland Health will reconsider its current border restrictions with Greater Sydney is January 8 — or 28 days since the first community transmission case was detected.

Anyone currently in Queensland who was in Victoria on December 21 or after should be tested immediately.

They must then quarantine at home or in their accommodation until receiving a negative result.


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